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BFM Fitting

BFM Fitting

Introducing the revolutionary snap-in, flexible BFM® connector and BFM® spigot.


What began as the 2am brainwave of creator Blair McPheat is now trusted by some of the world’s largest processing companies to keep their product (and profits) flowing.

  Seeflex 040 Double Spigot HR no shadow croppedOur patented technology eliminates the problems associated with traditional hose clamp systems. 

A BFM® fitting combines specially designed grooved spigots and a connecting sleeve with integral snap-bands that sit internally within the spigots. 

This unique design eliminates the need for traditional ‘hose-clamps’ with an effortless snap-in installation and perfect, pressure resistant seal.


They’re used virtually anywhere a traditional hose-clamped system might be found, such as in vibrating & oscillating sifters, feeders, cyclones and blenders etc.   

 Multiple BFMs ex Filtercorp Cropped  FOOD4001 355 1 ResizedFOOD6001 356 1 resized

The 100% sealed system created by the BFM® fitting ensures a much cleaner and safer working environment and change-overs happen fast (in less than 40 seconds in most cases), so expensive down-time is a thing of the past. 

Leading global food manufacturing companies like Nestle, Mondelez and Cargill are already using the system and are standardising BFM® throughout their production facilities. 

To find out more about the BFM® fitting, visit

BFM® Global Ltd distribute our products throughout the world via our network of Distributors – in New Zealand, our local Distributor is Filtercorp International – you can contact them on 09 481 9999 or email

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