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Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation

Our mission is to support business R&D, accelerate innovation and empower New Zealand’s innovators. Callaghan Innovation is a government agency with a proven track record of helping Kiwi businesses succeed. Our team of more than 450 people, including scientists, engineers, researchers,  technologists, designers, entrepreneurs and advisors help businesses thrive through a range of services and programmes, including: 

* Innovation Skills: Every year our programmes help hundreds of businesses gain the knowledge, skills and motivation to innovate and compete locally and globally. Our new programme, Digital Lean, enables businesses to benefit from the traditional Lean methodology while building capability to implement Industry 4.0 technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and robotics, and AI and automated processing systems.

* R&D Solutions: We have more than 200 of NZ's leading engineers and scientists dedicated to solving the toughest of technical problems with research, development and innovation. 

* R&D Funding:  We offer a range of funding grants to help businesses of all stages of growth pursue ideas and realise commercial success.  Businesses can also apply for the R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI) which offers a 15% tax credit on eligible R&D expenditure. The RDTI is administered by Inland Revenue and Callaghan Innovation, with support from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

* Scale-Up NZ: Our free online platform connects ambitious NZ businesses to the world, making it faster and easier to find and connect with the people, capital and other help they need to innovate and grow. The platform also creates opportunities for investors, incubators, multinationals and other collaborators to connect with innovative NZ businesses.

 R&D expertise

Our Research and Development Solutions (R&D Solutions) team is the one-stop-shop to boost our customers’ competitive advantage through technology, and help them become an innovative leader in their market. 

Our R&D experts have the expertise and access to state-of-the-art facilities to help businesses research, develop, test, measure, analyse and calibrate their products and services. 

We have the talent, resources, knowledge and connections to help businesses build connections across the innovation ecosystem, and identify and pursue innovation opportunities. 

 We’re committed to inspiring current and future innovators so that these ambitious businesses can grow bigger and faster. 

We bring businesses together to solve common industry problems, connecting them with our networks of expertise, research, advice and funding. Although we focus on helping Kiwi businesses, we’re also across international industry trends, to maximise local opportunities. 

Support for startups

Our support for startups includes:

  • Founder incubators: Providing entrepreneurs with support, networks and investments to build a business. 

  • Technology incubators: Supporting commercialisation of complex intellectual property (IP) sourced from research organisations. 

  • Accelerators: Supporting early-stage information and communications technology (ICT) and digital startups

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