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Cranequip engineering Ltd

Cranequip engineering Ltd


The VERLINDE’s range of lifting equipment for Food Process application is specialy designed for use in food industry area. By procuring all the components of your lifting rig (jib, hoist, winch, cable, etc.) from the same supplier, you can be sure of the rigorous quality and perfect match-up of the entire assembly.

Once the lifting rig is installed, you will discover that servicing is kept to a strict minimum. The combination of materials that are both extremely robust and lightweight, along with the ease-of-use of our products, facilitates not only maintenance but also keeps down the number of operators required for doing the work. The Food Process range from VERLINDE is made out with non corroding materials (INOX 316L, aluminium,...). Some model have an extra layer of protection via a coat of ceramic treatment, polyester, epoxy, epoxy polyester paint to obtain surface treatment adapted to special working area.


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