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Easi Recycling

Easi Recycling

Longopac Bagging Solution 


I would like to introduce to you a new way of managing waste, ‘Longopac”

Longopac is an innovative way to bag waste, Longopac is effectively a tube of plastic rather than a bag


Benefits include - 

Efficient -

  • Loaded with bag cassette up to 110m in length
  • New bag always in place – saves time
  • Minimises plastic bag waste – full bag 100% full every time
  • Variable bag size - flexible replacement intervals
  • No theft of bags

Hygiene - 

  • Any spillage pulls through to the next bag - no contact with the waste
  • Easy to clean and stainless steel / food manufacturing finish available

Environmentally Friendly - 

  • 3 layered plastic – 3 times stronger than a bag of the same thickness
  • Less bag wasted
  • 6 different colours enabling easy segregation of waste at source

Please feel free to take a look at our innovative thinking - 

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