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Eurotec Ltd

Eurotec Ltd

Eurotec Ltd have been supplying and supporting products and solutions to the food industry for 35 years. We are proud of our Kiwi ownership and the global technologies we offer to our clients, and of a reputation second to none for quality products and technical competence across the three NZ locations - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

We support a wide range of instrumentation products for the food sector, with applications in food processing, warehousing/distribution, transportation, hospitality, retail and food safety. Temperature control in the food industry is as crucial to product quality as it is to the fulfilment of hygiene requirements and the maintenance of defined ambient conditions when shipping or storing foodstuffs.

At Foodtech Packtech 2022, Eurotec will be showcasing Testo HACCP Certified food safety instruments and solutions alongside Optris infrared temperature measurement for temperature automation.

Testo are market leaders in thermometers, data loggers, ph testers and oil testers for food safety that can be used across a variety of applications including restaurants, food production, supermarkets, fast food chains, logistics, warehousing and food auditing.
A particular highlight is the Testo Saveris 2 wireless temperature monitoring solution. The Saveris 2 cloud-based WiFi data logger system, saves you the huge amount of work associated with regular temperature checks as readings are automatically collected and documented at all critical points, and you can retrieve them from at any time via your phone, tablet or web browser. It doesn’t get any easier or more reliable!

Optris non-contact inline single point and thermal imaging process cameras are a fast and effective means to monitor and automate a manufacturing process and product temperature. All Optris products apply in different areas, where high speed non-contact temperature measurement is required.

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