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Foodcap International

Foodcap International

 The FoodCap ingredient handling system is a solution for the buffering, storage and transfer of bulk wet and dry food ingredients prior to manufacturing. At the heart of the system is the bulk storage capsule. Capsules can hold a single ingredient or be filled with a number of blended ingredients for a batch production run. They can be manually wheeled, forklifted or conveyed to the end of a production line to be tipped into a hopper or mixer. Once emptied, capsules are returned to the washer for cleaning and sanitisation prior to reuse.


The Capsule is Made from proprietary food grade fully recyclable resins – with unique properties enabling capsules to handle a range of food ingredients, hot or cold - wet or dry.

In addition all Capsules offer;


Safety - Capsules are sealed to protect valuable contents from: external pollutants, cross contamination, temperature abuse, tampering and theft;

Efficiency - Capsules reduce human contact with raw material, eliminate duplicated production steps and improve efficiency; and

Sustainability – Capsules eliminate waste, including single-use packaging and disposal.

Effective from July, FoodCap has appointed Auckland based equipment manufacturer Simpro, as the New Zealand distributor and together the partnership offers and end to end handling solution.

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