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Haden & Custance

Haden & Custance

Haden & Custance specialises in automated handling systems that prepare bulk products for processing. At H&C we emphasise the importance of understanding each customer’s in-depth requirements, listening and collaborating, before designing. Our customised, high-productivity systems are designed in-house by our team of automation, robotics and mechanical engineering specialists.

The AiCo Cartoning Equipment manufactured by Haden & Custance has been an industry leader for over 35 years. With a focus in the meat and horticulture industries, the AiCo brand is known for its rugged reliability in tough environments and excellent return on investment.

The Beta range of products is the world’s choice in packaging and handling systems. These will add the finishing touches to superior product delivery.

H&C is globally unique – developing and delivering market leading solutions in response to each customer’s requirements. Turnkey solutions … beautifully delivered.

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