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Futech provides innovative and cost effective packaging solutions for meat, poultry and seafood industries.


Product lines

* Boneguard caps: shank cap, garmmon cap, lamb rack cap, ​beef ​rib ​tray and custom designed thermoforming trays.


* Boneguard sheet: crystal clear PVC boneguard sheet and PE sheet in perforated roll stock​


* ​Plastic film: lidding film, polyfilm etc​.




Effective solution and easy to use: Boneguard material are available in a wide variety of shape, material, sizes and color, it ensures minimum possible leakers leading to reduced packing costs puncturing holes in your vacuum bags. Just place boneguard cap/sheet over the sharp bone edge you need to vacuum package to prevent punctures and tears. New design of small hole in the center of caps, it prevents air entrapment under cap in vacuum process.


Low cost Packing Materials: By using Futech boneguard materials, you may save the cost for costly bone protection bags. These can be replaced with either a standard vacuum pouch, or a standard shrink bag. Translating to cost saving of 45% !


Enhanced Packing Appearance: The crystal clear boenguard sheet is tough and high clarity material, almost invisible under vacuum.



Address:  A18, Xinkangyuan No 43, Dalian, China 116039,  Tel ​+86 411 8480 3570,


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