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Kiwi Harvest

Kiwi Harvest

New Zealand industry generates more than 107,000 tonnes of food waste per year, and it is estimated that 60% of food going to landfill is still edible. Burying food (and often it's packaging) in landfill is an environmental disaster.

Not only does it needlessly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, but wasting food also means squandering the resources used to produce and transport that food, including water, land, energy, labour, and capital.

KiwiHarvest is New Zealand’s largest food rescue social venture, with 12 trucks on the road across New Zealand, 7 in Auckland.  KiwiHarvest collects excess food that is good enough to eat, yet won’t sell, and distributes it to front line agencies feeding our vulnerable communities. Since its inception, KiwiHarvest has collected and distributed over 5.6 million kilograms of food and delivered 16.2 million meal equivalents. Apart from feeding hungry people, KiwiHarvest prevents food from going to landfill where it produces methane as it degrades.

We work with food businesses including supermarkets, wholesalers, producers, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, to rescue the good food that they are not able to sell – whether that is because of oversupply, damaged packaging, cancelled orders, mislabelling, or because the food is nearing its best before date or end of life.

Feed more. Waste Less. Kai Atu.


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