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Ngaio Diagnostics

Ngaio Diagnostics

Ngaio Diagnostics is an established, NZ owned business offering innovative solutions to the food and packaging industry. This year we are celebrating our 25th year of supply.

We specialise in supplying market leading microbiology, hygiene, allergen, food & drink testing solutions as well as general diagnostics & laboratory products to food producers, laboratories and research institutes at competitive prices.

As food producers and laboratories demands increase, Ngaio is there to deliver solutions that fully meet the customers’ requirements. Our wide range of products from market leading suppliers allow us to offer complete solutions to meet each customers demands.

Our range includes Hygienas’ unique MicroSnap system delivering 6-8 hour quantitative microbiology results, as well as their market leading ATP systems. Knowing test results sooner prevents recalls, reduces waste, shortens hold time, and enables a quicker response when contamination issues arise. 

Hygiena Photo

Sanita-kun is a newly available product offering an alternative and significant advantages over other dehydrated sheet media options. Sanita-kun range features 24 hour APC count, 48 hour Yeast and Moulds, as well as Coliform, EColi/Coliform, 48hr APC, Salmonella and Staph Aureus.

Sania kun Photo

Ngaios’ range of allergen testing products offer high sensitivity and ease of use, facilitating quick and reliable results. We supply an extensive range of rapid and ELISA kits including multiple Gluten options to suit customers’ requirements. Our products are fully validated for environmental and/or food sample analysis.

GlutenToxProKit Photo

Ngaio also assists with a full range of dehydrated culture media along with products for evaluation of constituent, mycotoxin, dairy, industrial contaminant, pesticide, toxin and veterinary drug analysis.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply top class service to each and every customer.

Contact Ngaio with any enquires, questions you may have or for technical assistance that you require.


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