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Peak Gas Generation

Peak Gas Generation

Peak Gas Generation is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high performance gas generators for analytical laboratories, manufacturing & processing industries. Peak Scientific was established in the UK in 1997, with Peak gas generation established in 2011 to provide solutions to customers outside the scientific market.

With over two decades of experience in pioneering highly efficient and reliable gas generator technology, Peak develops market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems for the analytical research laboratories that test food quality and authenticity through to larger scale industrial gas generation for Food & Beverage preparation, process and packaging.

Our forte is in providing our customers with high quality, dependable gas generation solutions tailored to meet their specific operational demands, along with our world-class aftercare & technical support which is provided throughout the generator’s lifespan, regardless of where our customers are based and includes Peak direct, factory trained field support in New Zealand.

At FTPT we will be demonstrating our all in one solution, The Genius 1053, that can produce upto 20 LPM of Food-grade Nitrogen, our ultra small Hydrogen generator used in GC-MS analysis and performing on the spot return on investment (ROI) reports to show you how much you can save over your current cylinders & bulk delivery supplies when you choose a Peak i-Flow gas generator solution.


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