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Precia Molen New Zealand

Precia Molen New Zealand

PRECIA MOLEN manufacture, design, supply and install weighing equipment for all industry
sectors. We offer regular servicing, calibration and inspection services carried out by qualified

For over 60 years, PRECIA MOLEN has been at the forefront of the weighing industry and has
established a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. This has been achieved by applying

vast experience to the design and manufacturer of all products ranging from components such

as load cells to fully integrated weighing, process control and management systems.

PRECIA MOLEN also has a reputation for providing excellent after sales care. Preventive

maintenance programs ensure that our customers can have complete confidence in the
accuracy and reliability of their PRECIA MOLEN products. Weighing equipment properly
installed and maintained offers its owners the best return on investment due to its high
accuracy, reliability, longer operational life and reduced equipment downtime.


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