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Propak Industries Pty Ltd

Propak Industries Pty Ltd

Propak Industries is a proud family owned packaging company established in 1990 serving all regions and cities of Australia & are proud to bring our solutions to New Zealand which has been tested & proven throughout Australia and other countries. Propak during the last 28 years has successfully introduced revolutionary packaging in both consumables and machinery, that saves time and improves companies’ bottom line with the main benefit of reduced waste and reducing risk with WH&S benefits. Their Vision is to provide the best possible packaging solutions with good old fashioned customer service. Propak has successfully developed and introduced to the market many revolutionary products which include ‘Macro Wrap’, the only true Ventilated Stretch film which has been approved by all major chain store DCs, which will not compromise the airflow required for all hot and cold produce.


Another being the Propak MAS-500 Remote Controlled Produce Auto Wrapper Machine, featuring automatic film application, cutting and heat sealing after application. Propak’s MAS-500 automatic wrapper eliminates the dreaded ‘tails and dags’. This machine is the latest technology utilising elastic rope style pallet wrap sealing. Purpose built and designed by Propak Industries for all Australian conditions. The remote control unit allows the operator to remain on the forklift, optimising time efficiencies and reducing risks/hazards. The machine has a 3 year warranty and they provide an ‘after sales’ service hotline with specialised technicians available in every state. Propak also provides alternative methods for pallet wrapping to meet customers specific needs and budget. Other machines include MAS- 50 and MAS-350 which work as semi-automatic machines. Through their exclusive partnership with BestPack USA, two years ago Propak successfully launched the Fruit Box Taper to major packers in the Australian market, providing the total tape sealing solution for citrus, potatoes, carrots, bananas and onions.


There are over 100 core carton sealer/erector machines ranging from small to large, carton assembly and tape sealing by hand is a thing of the past. With BestPack’s carton sealer machines, packing will be more efficient, operate more safely, cut costs and maximise profitability. A full range of carton sealing tape and tape heads for use with the machines, ensure quality, durability and consistency. Competitive prices are packaged together for the machine and tape needs. Propak Industries can be depended on to provide the best possible packing solutions with the competitive advantage through value driven products and services. They provide old fashioned face to face customer service in any region, allowing their customers to direct their requests and in turn we provide the opportunity to supply the most suitable product.

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