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Rhima New Zealand

Rhima New Zealand

In general manufacturing, the need for perfectly clean products is becoming increasingly important.

Rhima’s VX-series is a range of compact crate and multipurpose washers with a capacity starting at approx. 50 crates/hour and upwards. The basic unit has a hot (65degC) chemical wash and then a fresh water final rinse at min.82oC to comply with HACCP guidelines. Water consumption is minimal and water is recycled several times within the machine.

 Vx 301 401

Rhima’s LP-series are front loading universal washers. There are four versions each with different wash capabilities to suit different washing applications. The LP-series can be used for weigh head washing, utensil washing, bucket washing. All machines come with built in booster heaters to ensure a HACCP compliant 82oC fresh water final rinse.

LP4S8 Pot Washer

Companies now understand that efficient cleaning, disinfection and reducing cross contamination of allergenic foods is of utmost importance for product quality and safety.  Relying on operators to perform this task is costly and the results are not as dependable as an automated approach.

Visit our stand 3021 or call us for more information on a washing solution to meet your requirements.

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