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Romheld Automation Pty Ltd

Romheld Automation Pty Ltd

Romheld Automation supplies a range of end of arm tooling for robots and gantry systems including vacuum grippers, fork grippers, finger grippers, magnetic grippers and more. Our tooling is built specifically to suit your product to maximise performance and reliability.

We are proud to distribute Soft Robotics automation supplies since 2016, including soft robotic gripping systems designed to mimic the human hand to handle items that vary in size, shape or weight. This USA-based company has earned heaps of awards and distinctions and is helping revolutionise agricultural economics through automation.

pic romheld 1

Soft Robotics food safe grippers

Our other steadfast supplier of gripping systems is Unigripper (Sweden), who continues to innovate next-gen vacuum gripping products such as the HoverGripper and Co/Light.

pic 2 romheld

New Unigripper Co/light lightweight snap-in vacuum gripper

Talk to us about solutions for picking and placing, palletising and depalletising in any industry such as food, pharmaceutical, hygiene, timber, bricks and aerospace. We also help emerging or boutique producers find automated systems and tooling solutions.

Whatever you work with –bags, boxes, bottles, jars, cans, pouches, sachets, plastics, tubs, shrink wrapped items or even pallets – we can supply the tooling to do the job.

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