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Schur Star Systems

Schur Star Systems

 FoodTech PackTech 2018

Schur®Star Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. - Stand no. 3067, Hall 3

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Schur®Star System will demonstrate the innovative Schur®Star Concept. It consists of the Schur®Star Packaging Machine and the high quality pre-made Schur®Star Bags supplied to our customers linked together on a unique string:

  • The most flexible solution available
  • For manual, semi- and fully automatic filling
  • The concept provides producers, packers, and growers within all industries with a unique possibility to change bag size and functionalities within 5 minutes
  • It is all about adding flexibility to and removing complexity from our customers’ production facilities
  • Easily integrated into existing operations or can be a full stand-alone solution
  • A very comprehensive range of effective and innovative bag Schur®Star Bags constructions are available - all can be customised to the match specific requirements in terms of packaging process, product qualities and product presentation

New products / innovations
Schur®Star Systems continuously focus on developing unique solutions that ensure the highest possible attention at the point-of-sales while supporting the sales process optimally. Among the latest developments are

The Schur®Star Box Bag

Due to its many advantages, the Schur®Star Box Bag gains ground for a growing number of product groups: Its box-shaped bottom makes the bag stand completely stable on the shelf, irrespective of weight and contents. Being printable on front, reverse, sides and bottom, the bag offers excellent opportunities to enhance the product profile, no matter whether the product will be displayed in upright or lying position on the supermarket shelf. Additional features like a window in the bag allows the consumer a glimpse of the contents; a zipper offers reclosability, and e.g. tearstrip and laserscore facilitate opening. Please see the attached press release regarding the Schur®Star Box Bag solution for frozen seafood.

The Schur®Star Jar Bag

The innovative Schur®Star Jar Bag is on its way to revolutionize the presentation of products, it is a unique flexible stand-up bag, shaped like a jar. The premium printing techniques of Schur®Star Systems give this bag a three-dimensional shelf appearance. The Schur®Star Jar Bag can be produced to meet all possible functionalities needed, including all types of barrier capacities. With a Schur®Star packaging machine you can even run different kinds of shaped bags on the same machine.

Schur®Star “Fresh‘n’GO” Bags

With the “Fresh‘n’GO” concept for fresh produce like apples, kiwis, tomatoes, potatoes etc., Schur®Star Systems offer an innovative solution to presenting all-day commodities attractively at the Point-of-Sales. The packaging concept offers

  • Superior shelf presence
  • Higher consumer attention
  • Handle for ease of purchase
  • Re-seal strip for convenient multi-use

Since we introduced the Schur®Star "Fresh‘n’GO" Concept, it has gained constantly growing popularity. Not only have we managed to increase the overall quantity of bags sold, but also many new product groups are now being packed based on the innovative concept. In addition to the successful kiwi bags, produce like apples, pears, clementines - as well as cherries, grapes and various berry types are successfully marketed and sold in Schur®Star "Fresh'n'GO" Bags.

As an example, we have recently entered into an agreement for fully automatic packing of apples on a Schur®Star Packaging System. The system automatically positions 4-6 apples in the Schur®Star "Fresh´n´GO" Bags. Not only can the system position the apples exactly in the bag, the system can quickly and easily be changed-over to bags holding other quantities, up to 15-25 apples, or to bags with weight specifications, like e.g. 1.5 kg loose apples in bags with carrier handle.

The results are convincing: Based on the gentle handling of the produce during the packing process, that takes place directly after washing and sorting of the apples, the grower is very happy about the results. On top of his enthusiasm of a smooth packing process, our customer speaks positively of the new presentation of the apples placed neatly next to each other in the Schur®Star "Fresh´n´GO" Bags.

Schur®Star Systems Australia Pty Ltd.
With the acquisition of Burgess Printing and Packaging in November 2016, Schur has now anchored the Schur®Star Concept in Australia and New Zealand. Through 5 generations, Burgess Printing and Packaging has been a well established and reputable, family owned packaging company, renowned for delivering high quality products and services to a stable customer portfolio within the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial and chemical industry.

Schur is a private, 170-year-old, family owned Danish packaging group with an international team of 15 companies offering folding boxes, flexible packaging, packaging machines, packaging systems, and knowledge to our customers. Schur has approximately 900 employees based in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, the USA, and now Australia.

With joint forces, Schur®Star Systems Australia looks forward to servicing existing customers and further developing the concept from a high quality Australian base.

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