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TRANSPORTECT LP   providing pallet protection and stabilization solutions for 25 years.

Transportect has associations with international suppliers of


          Interlayer anti slip sheets,

          Breathable pallet wrap, and

          Palletized load stabilization bands.

Over 25 plus years Transportect has built a network of Distributors servicing all aspects of Industry.

Alongside consistently high quality products our reputation as a company capable of problem solving, pre and post sales service, a wide range of stocked product lines in both the North and South Islands and prompt delivery throughout New Zealand has grown.

Our size allows us to provide service and to react promptly to customer requirements.

Apart from carrying a wide range of cornerboards we are able to cut to length from 40 mm to 3000 mm.

Our goal is to solve problems in conjunction with our customers and at the same time generate savings and benefits.

Check to see how we can assist your business.


Ph: 0800 644488     Email:
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