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Tru-Bilt Industries Ltd

Tru-Bilt Industries Ltd

Tru-Bilt Industries is a world class designer, manufacturer and supplier of door, dock and safety systems.  With an unrelenting focus on innovation, Tru-Bilt continually leads the market with proven building solutions, always delivering highest quality products to the industry.

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From coolstores to aircraft hangars, the TRU-DOOR™ range of commercial and industrial door systems provide unmatched performance and reliability.


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The versatile TRU-DOCK™ range offers cutting-edge dock solutions and environmental control options to help your business load smarter and faster.


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The TRU-GARD™ range of barriers, bollards, handrails and accessories provide efficient, cost-effective systems for protecting personnel and key assets.

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The TRU-CARE™ system is a bespoke servicing model from Tru-Bilt Industries that works with your specific site requirements, determines the appropriate level of cover for your facilities and provides options to suit your budget.

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