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Viniquip International Ltd

Viniquip International Ltd

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When it comes to a packaging supplier in the NZ market, Viniquip should be on top of your list for consideration. This is because Viniquip is a focused provider of equipment and services to targeted beverage and packaging markets that require specialized skills and knowledge.

Founded some 30 years ago, Viniquip started out by targeting the wine and juicing industries. Being successful in acquiring internationally acclaimed brands such as GAI, APE, Kreuzmayr and BucherVaslin, Viniquip was able to actively compete with offering quality equipment to the wine and juicing industries. The market share of equipment in these sectors confirms the success experienced, with well over 50% of wine processing and 80% juice processing today being conducted with Bucher and Kreuzmayr sourced equipment.

The same applies with the packaging of beverages, where GAI is synonymous with quality, longevity, reliability and backed up by superior service. GAI SpA in Italy, operating since 1946, are a wholly family owned company, employing more than 300 staff. Machines are designed and built at the factory making GAI one of the world leading machine manufactures, unlike other companies who are machine assemblers. This means that the availability of spares is on-going and quality guaranteed.

The growth in the craft-beer sector allowed Viniquip to expand its horizons further. This led to the introduction of the GAI counter pressure fillers as can be found in many of today’s leading craft breweries in New Zealand and Australia.

Canning has become a particularly important form of packaging for the brewing industry and ABE American Beverage Equipment has become a real crowd pleaser in this sector. Based in Lincoln Nebraska USA, ABE are the leading manufacturer of canning lines from 15 CPM through to 90 CPM systems. ABE also manufacture brew-houses, distillation plants as well as water bottling systems.

In recent years Viniquip has expanded into further forms of packaging equipment catering towards general food industries to package syrups, sauces into various forms of packaging ranging from flexible plastics, glass as well as pouches. New successful brands such as FILBER are being introduced to our markets.

Viniquip is located in Hastings and has a great team of factory trained technicians on both islands of NZ. Viniquip can also be found in Australia with a branch located in Sydney. Viniquip is active in the Pacific Islands and serves countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand where key pieces of packaging equipment have also been installed.

Viniquip International LTD, 5 James Rochfort Place, Twyford Hastings  – 06 8797799 –


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