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Waterworks Wholesale

Waterworks Wholesale

If you are looking for a supplier of pipe, fittings, and valves for industrial applications then look no further.

Our team have been designing, supplying, and installing pipeline solutions since 1980. Today we work on a global scale to give you access to fresh innovation from reputable manufacturers to make your job easier while delivering a reliable installation. We’re a family company with that extra level of passion and are relentless in our quest for continuous improvement to make your work easier. We are New Zealand’s only supplier of pipeline solutions making it easy through supply, training, and support.

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Europress is a Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Press Fit piping system designed to provide exceptionally easy installation. It is up to 10 times faster than traditional welded piping systems to install which can result in project savings of up to 30% and the reduction of plant downtime by up to 50% for maintenance work. A further benefit is the reduction of OH & S requirements. As Europress is installed using an 18V battery operated pressing tool, there is no naked flame or gas bottles significantly reducing the number of applications that installers have to request hot work permits, a further time saving.

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To compliment these unique benefits, Europress comes with a 25 year manufacturer backed product guarantee.

Europress is frequently used for service lines such as hot and cold water, chemical lines, compressed air, gases, and glycol.



Spears Sch. 80 PVC and CPVC is manufactured in the USA. Spears has been produced since 1969 and is distributed around the world for applications including water circulation, water treatment, chemical lines, waste water and slurries. For over 45 years, Spears has had a strong focused on producing high quality products and now has a reputation for unparalleled success in product quality.


VIS-LOK twin ferrule tube fittings offer a unique advancement in compression tube fitting technology, with a visual tightness indicator! Watch the video to find out how easy installation is for you


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