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Future-proof food: Innovation amidst uncertainty

Future-proof food: Innovation amidst uncertainty

Presented by Dr Nicky Solomon - NZ Food Innovation Network

Future-proof food:  Innovation amidst uncertainty

 In the words of Orson Scott Card’s Ender Wiggin, “Nothing that actually happens is likely until it exists, and then it’s certain.”  We all know, now more than ever, that forces of change can be unpredictable.  However, there are many clues available to help guide those of us navigating the world of innovation in the food industry.    From plant-based foods to the internet-of-things, the NZ Food Innovation Network offers insight into new opportunities and challenges.

Dr Nicky Solomon counts herself as one lucky person to be working for the New Zealand Food Innovation Network.    For Nicky, with a PhD in Food Science and a background in food product development and innovation strategy, the chance to work alongside innovative businesses helping them bring new products to market is a dream come true.

The NZ Food Innovation Network spans Aotearoa, with facilities and expertise at the FoodBowl in Auckland, the FoodPilot at Massey University in Palmerston North, FoodWaikato and at FoodSouth at Lincoln and Otago.  Nicky’s role covers the region from Tairāwhiti down the east coast to Wellington.  She focuses on providing support to local businesses and connecting them to resources within the NZ Food Innovation Network, as well as to support from other entities such as those within Callaghan Innovation, local economic development agencies, crown research agencies and universities