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Process Control for Consistent Quality and Reduced Cost & Quality Control with Oxidization Testing

Process Control for Consistent Quality and Reduced Cost & Quality Control with Oxidization Testing

Presented by Simon Lewis - Anton Paar

Abstract 1  

New Method for the Investigation of Oxidation Stability of Fats, Oils, and Complex Food Products

The quality of fats and oils strongly depends on their oxidation stability. In this presentation a new method for evaluating the oxidation stability of fats and oils by determining the induction period is introduced. Under accelerated conditions (elevated temperature and pure oxygen pressure) a sample of 5 mL/4 g is examined in a sealed stainless steel test chamber. It was found that the elapsed time until the pressure drop is directly related to the oxidation stability of the sample. Correlation and precision studies demonstrate the method’s effectiveness. The significantly reduced measurement time and a high repeatability of the method represent its major advantages, allowing for quick and direct measurement of the oxidation stability for research, process and test bench control. 


Abstract 2.

Process Control for Consistent Quality and Reduced Cost 

To achieve the highest product quality consistently, to minimize production costs, and to react immediately to deviations in the production line, the continuous control and analysis of raw, intermediate, and final products during production process are necessary. The improved visibility of all process steps goes hand in hand with increased product quality, reduced costs, improved production efficiency and safety. In this presentation, benefits of using process instrumentation during production steps with reduced laboratory testing are presented with examples. 


Simon Lewis is the Anton Paar Territory Manager for all regions to the north of Wellington for New Zealand's North Island. 

His scientific background is in Chemistry and after graduating from Swansea University in the UK all the way back in 2005,  he spent five years doing pharmaceutical laboratory analysis. 

In 2010 however, I caught the travel bug which led to me arriving in New Zealand in May 2012.  I have been supporting the Anton Paar instruments and solutions now for almost 8 years, providing solutions for the wider beverage, food & dairy, pharma, chemical industries, contract testing and analytical laboratories. My product portfolio contains solutions for laboratory and process based measurement of dissolved gas content, refractive index and polarimetry measurements, analysis of alcohol, density & viscosity analysis, volatility and consistency parameters, fourier transform infra red analysis and sample preparation techniques consisting of milling, digestion and synthesis.