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2hr Rapid Learning Cycles Workshop

2hr Rapid Learning Cycles Workshop

 Presented by David Stokes - FREE REGISTRATION REQUIRED 

Thursday 15 April - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Rapid Learning Cycles (RLC) is a new innovation project management approach, combining ideas and methods from Agile and Lean product development. Globally, businesses are increasingly turning to RLC to accelerate their journey to market and improve their decision-making processes. Join the RLC workshop to see how this new innovation approach can improve your business.


This workshop is brought to you in association with The Rapid Learning Cycles Institute.

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Presenter bio

Founder and Principal Consultant at Technology Systems, David Stokes is a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Advisor.  David has 25 years’ experience working in a wide range of industries and a number of roles, particularly Project Management, Product Development and Business Process Transformation, scaling fast-growing organisations.  He has extensive experience working with a number of successful New Zealand companies, implementing Innovation processes and systems to be leaders in their industries.

He works closely with Katherine Radeka to support companies in New Zealand and Australia with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.


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