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MAP, the key to shelf life without preservatives + Covid-19 Impact on the MAP scene

MAP, the key to shelf life without preservatives + Covid-19 Impact on the MAP scene

Presented by Bob Olayo - Food Quality and Process Solutions Specialist at Mätt Solutions Ltd

A one hour intro to Modified Atmosphere Packaging with insight on Covid-19’s impact on MAP, why and how the ones that do it best achieve great results.

Get to understand why you use different gases/ mix ratios for different products/ recipes of the same product.

Product specific application notes for meat, cheese, fresh produce, ready to eat (RTE) meals, fish, poultry, bakery and other generic products.

Delve into the proven sciences of the solutions applied to tackle interesting challenges. 

Learn how to identify and control leaks, optimize CCP’s and integrate systems to save $$ and achieve great results.


On his 3rd term as Chair of the Canterbury branch of the NZIFST [New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology], Bob Olayo has undertaken extensive overseas training in USA, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Sweden and brings all this collective experience and knowledge to help clients solve interesting manufacturing challenges.

Working with a variety of manufacturers to overcome packaging and quality related challenges is Bob’s specialty. He has overseen the training and implementation of MAP [Modified Atmosphere Packaging], Water Activity and Moisture Control in various industries including Dairy Powders, Cheese, Small-goods, Canning, Seafood, Pasta meals, Coffee and Fresh Produce which has seen Bob gain extensive industry based knowledge and experience. 

A recent change in company focus has seen Mätt Solutions take on Shelf Life Testing and verification services from Formula Foods, Bob considers this an exciting opportunity that sees him continue his Journey of knowledge and expertise in shelf life improvement.

In his various NZ market experiences, Bob has worked with all the major food manufacturers, crown and private research as well as educational institutions. Seminars he has presented at include the  Water Activity and complete moisture course, FIT courses (NZIFST), FF Instrumentation MAP seminars, NZFSPG and FoodTech PackTech Seminars. 

Bob is the Manager at Mätt Solutions and General Manager of Formula Foods based in Christchurch.