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Siempre Sustainability - What is sustainable packaging

Siempre Sustainability - What is sustainable packaging

Presented by Allan Birch - Director / Consultant at Siempre Sustainable Solutions

Over recent years the heat has been on packaging to be more sustainable. But what is sustainable packaging?

How do you choose the right packaging to provide safety, reduce waste and ship efficiently? The solution isn’t always obvious. You need to balance what your customers want with the environmental impact of your packaging; it’s cost and the performance it provides.


Led by Allan Birch, Siempre is a leading authority in sustainability solutions for business. We unlock profitable sustainability.

We believe that every business owner/manager and employee should understand the importance of a sustainable business practice and know how to act on it to futureproof the business and the world.


Future proofing your business is about creating value by making it an everyday topic in every area of your business.