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Temperature Calibration and How it Relates to Food Production

Temperature Calibration and How it Relates to Food Production

Presented by Daryl Pettit - Laboratory/Quality Manager - WIKA Instruments Ltd


We all know that temperature is one of the most commonly used control parameters in the manufacture of food, yet temperature measurement remains one of the most misused measurements in the food industry. During this presentation we are going to cover:


- The basics of temperature measurement

- Thermocouple do’s and don’ts

- Infrared thermometer do’s & don’ts

- The difference between calibration and validation

- The pros & cons of getting accredited & traceable calibrations

- The benefits of temperature calibration


Daryl Pettit is the Laboratory/Quality Manager for WIKA Instruments Ltd. A position which he has held for the past 5 years.

Previous to this Daryl has worked in various industries including, Dairy, Pharmaceutical & Beverage. 

Daryl’s has extensive experience and knowledge in the quality and calibration fields for both laboratory and on-site based calibrations for Pressure, Temperature, Masses, Optical and Linear applications.