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Take your product to the world - Get your label right from the get go

Take your product to the world - Get your label right from the get go

Alana Srubar-Vernon, Business Development Manager, Zubi

This seminar will look at the core requirements of a food label for the domestic retail market. Specific focus will be given to Declarations, NIP Panel, and Allergen Statements. These three features will be briefly outlined and short examples explored of the various ways that you are able to create them. Case studies will also be examined of the positive consumer effects of getting these features correct and what happens when you don't.   

Alana has a diverse background in post-graduate scientific research in multiple disciplines (Microbiology, Paleoclimatology, and Nutrigenomics). She has applied her global experience in problem solving for science and technology companies, to the role of Business Development Manager for Zubi Ltd. Her current position has allowed her to explore the complexities of understanding and tailoring unique solutions to businesses, in the food manufacturing sector in Australia and New Zealand. She is happy to share insights into how Zubi can be used to streamline your food compliance information management, avoiding risk and facilitating greater efficiency with business case studies


This seminar will be held in Seminar Room 2 located in the Business Growth Hub stand 2041 in Hall 2.