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Matt Solutions (formerly FF Instrumentation)

Matt Solutions (formerly FF Instrumentation)

FF Instrumentation (along with Formula Foods) have been pioneers in offering expertise in professional food technology services since 1987.
We are one of NZ’s leading providers of specialist instrumentation for measuring and extending product shelf life, including a strong focus on analytical instrumentation and process monitoring equipment for the food / dairy manufacturing sector.

With New Zealand currently at the forefront of shelf life extension in Australasia, Formula Foods and FF Instrumentation are leading that charge in providing tools to assist with;

  • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • Water activity, Sorption isotherms and Moisture control.
  • NIR solutions for testing e.g. Fat, Protein, Ash monitoring and control
  • Leak Detection
  • Reducing gas costs in MAP
  • Meeting MPI regulations
  • Texture and Viscosity analysis
  • Temperature, pH and humidity tracking and much more

 The company has been built on its reputation and commitment to service.

“We have worked hard to develop a comprehensive suite of analysis tools and resources to ensure our clients maximise shelf life, resulting in less product wastage, increased sales and improved profitability.”

FF Instrumentation provides a complete peace of mind service by ensuring the availability of backup instrumentation with minimal downtime. This is something our clients require and have grown to depend on. Fully trained in-house technicians ensure we can locally repair, service and calibrate all our instruments.

We trust we can assist your company in achieving greater success.

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