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Fort Richard Laboratories

Fort Richard Laboratories

Fort Richard – we’re fast.

That means we are focused on providing a total food safety testing solution for food manufacturers enabling you to test and release your product faster.

Provide reassurance for your Quality team, protect your brand, speed up cashflow, and increase bottom line profits with our range of rapid in-house test solutions.

We have partnered with the world’s leading food safety companies to bring food manufacturers:

ü  Listeria RightNow® - the world’s fastest environmental Listeria test, get assurance your plant is pathogen free in just 1 hour.

ü  Reveal® 3-D allergen tests – results in 5 minutes for 13 of the most common allergens.

ü  Soleris® – the easy to use rapid automated microbial test system, sensitive down to 1 cfu, results for coliforms in as little as 4 hours. Release product quicker and discover problems faster.

ü  AccuPoint® Advanced ATP sanitation monitoring – the only AOAC approved ATP system, with lifetime warranty and unique sampler design giving you the most consistent results.

ü  Biotecon foodproof® PCR assays, the most sensitive and latest technology in diagnostic tests for food. Results in just 4 hours for Y&M in dairy products.

ü  World Bioproducts environmental swabs – clever innovation making sampling easier, more robust and more sensitive.

Along with our comprehensive range of traditional microbiology products, Fort Richard can help any food manufacturer large or small with their food safety requirements. Come visit us at stand 3085 and see what we can do for you.

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