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Universal Packaging Ltd

Universal Packaging Ltd

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The team at Universal Packaging is leading the thought behind (and wrap around) New Zealand’s pallets. From tissue paper to concrete blocks, if it’s been dispatched the chances are they’ve been instrumental in helping wrap it over the years.

Since first starting back in the 1980s the company has continued to innovate and elevate their product range and service offering, ensuring specialised wrapping film and machinery fits the pallet and the ultimate goals of their clients.

The company takes pride in their ability to decrease waste and increase the bottom line of these clients. To do so they look beyond the package to the processes and products within each operation. No two warehouses are ever the same, and their technological recommendations and logistics solutions are created to provide unique and enduring results.


 Universal Packaging is the sole New Zealand distributor for Wulftec International’s range of pallet wrapping and strapping machinery and the SPINNY range of pallet wrappers. The adaptability and functionality within this equipment allows the company to cover a huge range of different budgets and applications.


 The company has been at the cutting edge of product development over the last decade. In 2010 they launched ClearWrap, the high performance cast stretch film proving immediately popular. In 2012 SmartWrap arrived, this range of low gauge, hand stretch wrap an industry first for the NZ market. Last year Nanowrap debuted, the 33 layers of ultra-thin polymer a revolutionary new option for maximum load stability and stretch capacity with minimal weight.

With more exciting products soon to debut Foodtech Packtech 2018 will undoubtedly be a busy time for the Universal team. 




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