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Meet the experts

Discover a distinguished panel of industry-specific consultants, ready to provide complimentary one-on-one advice tailored to your needs. They specialize in a wide range of areas, from enhancing product formulations and extending product lifespan to optimizing factory layouts for increased productivity and ensuring full compliance with labeling regulations.

Experience this exclusive service at Foodtech Packtech, available onsite only.

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Unleash Your Product's Potential with Tailored Advice  

Introducing "Meet the Experts," your gateway to a panel of respected industry-specific consultants eager to offer complimentary, personalised guidance. These experts specialise in a diverse range of skills, from refining product formulations and extending shelf life to optimising factory layouts for enhanced productivity and ensuring seamless compliance with labelling regulations. 


Sarah Walter - BFGS Ltd 

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Sarah has developed countless delicious products and knows how to expertly balance taste, functionality and commercial goals. She also has a background in ingredients, meaning she understands the technical pros and cons for commonly and less commonly used food ingredients.

Area of expertise: Food and Beverage Product Development / Flavours / Functional Ingredients and Claims. 

John Evans - BFGS Ltd

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John bridges the gap between the technical and commercial components of product development, bringing an important lens on how to bring a product to life but also make sure it can be profitable and sustainable long term.

Area of expertise: Food and Beverage Product Development / Food Manufacturing Operations / Commercial.


David Bayliss - Foodtech Applications 


With decades of experience, David helps turn retail product visions into reality. He offers invaluable support where knowledge gaps exist or technical assistance is needed. 
Area of Expertise: Food product development, labelling of foods and supplemented foods, nutrition and health claims, regulatory compliance, food safety. 

Wolfgang Hiepe - Food Safety Aotearoa 

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Drawing from extensive experience, including a tenure with MPI, Wolfgang brings unparalleled insights into food and animal product regulatory landscapes, both locally and internationally. 

Area of Expertise: Food Safety, Food Act and Animal Products Act compliance. 

Geoff Webster - Webster Food Consulting 

Geoff's multifaceted background, spanning Unilever, Goodman Fielder, and Hansells Foods, translates to exceptional proficiency in diverse aspects of food and beverage 
Area of Expertise: Food and beverage product and process development, nutrition information, allergens, labelling requirements, shelf life testing, specialised knowledge of oil and fat-containing products. 

Wilhelm Zabern - Zamati Technology 

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Wilhelm has spent over four decades in the meat processing industry. His expertise covers recipe enhancement, technology understanding, and troubleshooting for meat processors worldwide. 
Area of Expertise: Meat Technology – Innovation & Processing Technology of further meat processing (Smallgoods / Artisan meats / Sous Vide Cooking / Meat Fermentation). 

Sam Borgfeldt - BFGS 


Sam's global exposure and passion for sharing technical know-how offer a gateway to unlocking value for businesses with innovative ideas and ambitious goals. 
Area of Expertise: R&D roles in food product development, process engineering, project management, and packaging. 

Elevate your project with these accomplished consultants eager to transform your concepts into realities. Meet the Experts – Your Pathway to Success.